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Office Of Joseph Urbano Llc EEO Services

EEO Counseling

Our counselors interview aggrieved persons, witnesses and other involved parties, and attempt to resolve informal allegations of discrimination at the lowest possible level.

EEO Mediation

Our mediators facilitate an open dialog between involved parties in the alleged discrimination complaint and assist with negotiating a mutually agreeable solution.

EEO Investigations

Our professionals perform interviews and document reviews to develop an impartial and factual record to facilitate findings on claims of discrimination in full accordance with 29 C.F.R. 1614 and EEO MD 110.

EEO Training

Our internal training component develops and delivers Diversity and EEO-related training on-site training. .

Acceptance/Dismissal Letters

Our EEO professionals accurately apply government directives, EEOC regulations, and guidance to a complaint of discrimination and clearly articulate its validity to the complainant.

Analysis and FAD Writing

Our office provides the technical writing skills necessary to present findings of a complaint of investigation, including a determination of whether discrimination occurred. This is accomplished using current EEOC case law, EEOC Directives, EEOC Guidance and relevant Supreme Court cases.

On-site EEO Support

Our office provides the specialized, technical support necessary to administer a smooth-running EEO Program.

Administrative Inquiries/Management Inquiries

Our office provide on-site fact-findings and management inquiries regarding allegations of hostile work environment, discipline, inter-office conflict resolution, sexual harassment and many other management related issues.

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Legal Expertise

  • EEO Counseling
  • Mediation
  • EEO Investigations
  • EEO and Diversity Training
  • Acceptance/Dismissal Letters
  • Analysis and FAD Writing
  • On-site EEO Support
  • Administrative Inquiries/Management Inquiries