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The Office of Joseph Urbano LLC has been in business since 1991, providing EEO and Human Resources related services to Federal Government Agencies.
The Office has more than 19 years of litigation experience in EEO claims, including claims based on race, gender, age, disability, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, genetic information and reprisal. Additionally, we have broad experience in Merit Systems Protection Board issues, including terminations, suspensions, employee benefits, class actions and whistleblower claims.

Joseph Urbano Llc

Our Office has an outstanding reputation in the EEO (Federal Government) community for the accuracy and insights of our reports and presentations. We are well versed in EEO law, Human Resources rules and regulations, Merit Systems Protection Board laws and procedures, Federal Employee Union procedures (AFGE) and the federal administrative process. All of our investigators, mediators and trainers are required to stay current with developments in EEO and employment law through continual legal and EEO education courses, webinars and seminars.
Our Office offers a full list of employment services: EEO Investigations, Mediations, EEO Training, Final Agency Decisions, Acceptance Letters, Administrative Inquiries, EEO Investigator Training Courses and Updates, and Best Management Practice Training for federal managers.
The Office’s initial focus was representing federal employees in Title VII discrimination cases, in Merit Systems Protection Board cases involving adverse actions, and in other employee benefit claims. As a result of our years representing federal employees, as well as our years of training government managers, we have gained a unique insight into both the employee’s and the agency’s perspective regarding EEO complaints and the EEO process.

In 1994, Joseph Urbano was recruited to teach law to paralegals at Blair College in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Courses he taught included: Torts, Contracts, Property Law, Criminal Law and Procedures, Family Law, Civil Procedure, Trial Preparation and Legal Research/Writing.

In 1997, the Office was solicited by the Department of the Interior to conduct EEO investigations and EEO Mediation. Since that time, the Office has conducted EEO investigations and mediation for federal agencies.

Since 1997, the Office has been under contract with several Federal Governmental Agencies including the Department of Interior and Department of Energy to conduct EEO Training for its Management Staff in all areas of EEO law and procedure.

In November of 2005, we were awarded a GSA schedule for our services.

Joseph Urbano

Phone: (719) 522-1833