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Our Approach

Because we have extensive experience working with many of the Federal Agencies, we are able to prepare our investigations in accordance with the standards of each agency we work with. However, our standard method is in accordance with EEO MD-110 and 29 C.F.R. 1614.108.

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Office Of Joseph Urbano Llc

Our firm specializes in and has extensive experience with all phases of Federal EEO Law and Procedures, including: EEO Counseling, EEO Investigations, EEO Mediations, EEO Training, Diversity Training, FAD writing, Acceptance Letters and Dismissal Letters. Our Office has experience administering and overseeing all aspects of the Federal EEO Program from Counseling to Final Agency Decisions.

EEO Counseling

Our EEO Counselors are former government EEO counselors with years of experience conducting informal counseling as well as conflict resolution. Our philosophy is that settlement of a complaint at the lowest level is a win-win for all parties. Therefore, our counselors emphasize the benefits of working toward resolution during the initial stage of the complaint process.


Our Mediators are experienced in all phases of EEO Law and Procedures. We bring our experience as former litigators in the field of EEO Law to the table when conducting mediations. This helps us provide superior service through real world experience and knowledge.

EEO Investigations

Our Investigators have years of experience working with Federal Agencies as Investigators, EEO Managers and Attorneys. We bring that wealth of EEO knowledge and experience to our investigation services. Because most of our investigators have experience litigating before the EEOC we are acutely aware of what Administrative Judges and Counsel need to have in a Report of Investigation.

EEO and Diversity Training

Our training is conducted by Joseph Urbano, who has over 15 years of experience as college legal instructor and a trainer for federal managers in the fields of EEO, Diversity, Management Training and other related topics. Mr. Urbano has produced several training videos that have been used by Federal Agencies to train their management staff.

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Legal Expertise

  • EEO Counseling
  • Mediation
  • EEO Investigations
  • EEO and Diversity Training
  • Acceptance/Dismissal Letters
  • Analysis and FAD Writing
  • On-site EEO Support
  • Administrative Inquiries/Management Inquiries
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